The simplest way to start a blog

DynaBlogger is a fully managed blogging platform that helps you focus on what matters most ― your content

Why should you pick DynaBlogger?

DynaBlogger is carefully designed with the perfect balance between features and simplicity, and allows for efficient and focused writing with no distractions.

As an indie developer, I can respond to feedback and feature or support requests much faster than a big company would.

I personally reply as quickly as possible to every support request and am always available to help.

Powerful text editor

With a clean interface, our powerful rich text editor allows you to create any kind of text content with grids, tables, images, embeds, code snippets, and more.

It is very easy to use and you'll get up to speed in no time.
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DynaBlogger Editor

Theme editor

DynaBlogger features a handy code editor that allows you to make your site look exactly like you wish, without any restrictions.

You can edit and organize layouts and other elements easily as well as upload images and fonts.
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DynaBlogger Theme Editor


Invite your team to collaborate with you on your sites.

You will have full control on what each collaborator can do with a customizable set of permissions for content management, themes editing, blog settings, custom domains and sharing.
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Publish via email

You can publish a new post by simply sending an email with your favorite email client, if you prefer, in Markdown. Image attachments and code blocks are also supported.

This way you can publish content even on the go using a mobile.
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Migrate from Wordpress or Ghost to DynaBlogger


Nobody likes slow websites, do you?

DynaBlogger implements various optimizations - such as a CDN (Content Delivery Network), caching and more - that improve the performance of your websites out of the box.

DynaBlogger delivers blazing performance

Migrate from Wordpress or Ghost

If you already have a Wordpress or Ghost website, you can very easily and quickly import your content - including images - into DynaBlogger.

All you need to do is export your content to file from your existing website, and upload it to DynaBlogger. It's that easy!

Migrate from Wordpress or Ghost to DynaBlogger

A simpler way to publish awesome content

No fiddling with plugins and gazillions of settings: DynaBlogger gets out of the way and offers want you really need for a great publishing experience.

No need to worry about backups, updates or any other maintenance either: DynaBlogger is a fully managed blogging platform. You focus on your content, while DynaBlogger takes care of everything else.

Ready to start publishing awesome content? Start your free trial today.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Reach out to me.

Do I need to provide payment method information to start the free trial?
No, you don't, and the free trial comes with all the features. The only restriction is that you can only create one blog during the trial.
What happens when the trial is over?
I will send you a couple of reminders during the trial so you can add a payment method and keep your subscription active. If you don't add a payment method in the meantime, at the end of the trial your subscription will be cancelled automatically, but you will be able to reactivate it at any time by adding a payment method.
What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards are accepted as wells as PayPal. Paddle is used to securely process your transactions. No payment information in stored on DynaBlogger's end.
Can I switch to a different billing period?
Sure! You can switch between monthly and yearly plan at any time by visiting the subscription page.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, if you are not happy I will refund your payment, provided you request it within 30 days from purchase.