A simpler and faster alternative to WordPress


If you are looking to create a blog, or have experience with one already, you have very likely heard about WordPress. After all, it is used for a large number of websites around the world and it often is the go-to solution recommended by many people.

You came across DynaBlogger and are wondering, why should I use this instead?

The short version is this: Designing a complex website or a shop? Use WordPress. Creating a simple blog & sharing content? Try DynaBlogger.

If all you need is to publish and share content quickly and want a managed service, aren't technically inclined or simply don't want to fiddle with lots of settings or plugins, then DynaBlogger is a great choice. No plugins to configure, no fancy layout tools - just type and publish.

DynaBlogger is a no-fuss alternative to WordPress that gives you fast and easy editorial control for your blog. It's free to give it a try and you can even import content from your existing WordPress blog - if you have one - so you can try DynaBlogger with your own content and see if you like it. Give it a go!

Now, for the longer version...

Who is DynaBlogger for?

Both DynaBlogger and WordPress indeed allow you to create a blog, but in practice the two are geared towards different needs. WordPress started out a long time ago as a blog-publishing application, but over time it has evolved into a full blown content management system that can be used to create many types of websites, not just blogs. It's a very capable platform and its functionality can be extended with plugins, making it a very powerful content management system.

However, WordPress can be overkill for many people who are just looking to publish content on a blog, and don't need all the features that WordPress has to offer to create virtually any kind of website. DynaBlogger goes back to WordPress' roots and focuses purely on blogging by delivering a simpler experience with all the features that you really need to publish awesome content, and nothing else that you may never need.

DynaBlogger is for you if you value simplicity, and want a platform to write content that is powerful enough and without any bloat.


DynaBlogger offers the features that most people need to publish awesome content, and nothing else.

With DynaBlogger you can create posts and pages with an easy to use, yet powerful editor; configure various settings including SEO and social, themes, navigation menus; it also has built-in XML sitemaps that you can submit to search engines to make indexing easier, and you can use custom domains; together these are the fundamental building blocks of a publishing platform.

We made the conscious decision not to implement a plugin system in this platform for one major reason. While plugins make WordPress very powerful, at the same time they often introduce vulnerabilities or performance issues, or make upgrades more difficult if not actively maintained.

We didn't want to replicate this experience with DynaBlogger and prefer implementing the features that most people need directly in the platform.

A very useful feature that DynaBlogger has is the theme editor. With DynaBlogger you can edit all the layouts and other elements of a theme directly in the browser, without having to edit them offline and then upload them to see the changes. 

All code files are versioned, and you can keep multiple themes installed with one active at any time. You can for example make a copy of the active theme, make changes and then activate the new copy when ready so that your visitors can see those changes. WordPress does have a code editor but it's very limited in comparison.

DynaBlogger is a fully managed blogging platform that takes care of hosting, backups, updates and any other kind of maintenance for you, so that you can focus on the content without any distractions. Because of this, you can compare DynaBlogger with managed WordPress hosting, but without the complexity and more affordable.

DynaBlogger also uses a CDN out of the box and to further improve performance, content is automatically cached. With WordPress, you typically need to take care of these yourself and use some plugins or third party services. None of that is required with DynaBlogger. Out of the box, DynaBlogger can deliver a simpler experience and better performance at the same time, than WordPress.

DynaBlogger puts the emphasis where it belongs: your content

If you are a blogger – or even an experienced writer, looking for a tool to post more content, faster – DynaBlogger is your answer. And if you are just starting out and looking for a clear path and simple experience, then DynaBlogger gives you all that in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Unlike WordPress, DynaBlogger is simple, and so you can spend more time enjoying your blog than configuring settings and plugins.

Get started with a free trial and give it a try. You might like it!