Simple, fair pricing

DynaBlogger costs only $8 a month/site

when billed yearly ($96/yr)

or $9/mo when billed monthly.

What's included

Powerful text editor

A powerful but easy to use rich text editor allows you to write even complex posts and pages. The interface is designed to let you write with no distraction.

Theme editor

It's easy to fully customize any aspect of your theme with the built in code editor. Templates are written in Liquid, a simple and flexible markup language based on HTML that you can learn in minutes.

Custom domains

Each blog gets a subdomain of the domain, but you can add any number of custom domains to truly make your site yours and improve your branding.

Publish via email

You can also publish content using any email client, even on a mobile device. Send an email to your blog's unique email address and your post will be published immediately.

SEO and Social Media

You can configure the most important SEO meta data to improve performance with search engines, as well as meta data for sharing your content on social media.

Migrate from WordPress

If you already have a WordPress blog, you can easily import your content including images, very quickly.

Migrate from Ghost

You can import content from a Ghost blog too, if you already have one.

Automatic TLS/SSL

Each blog gets a TLS/SSL certificate automatically and always runs with the https protocol. If you add a custom domain to your site, a certificate will be issued for that domain, too.

Lightning fast CDN

Assets like images are served from a CDN, also known as Content Delivery Network. This means that they are served from the data center that is nearest to a reader's location to improve loading times.


When you hit any page of your site, its content gets cached automatically so that the same page loads a lot more quickly for subsequent page views until you update it (then it will be cached again).

DDoS protection

Denial of Service attacks are pretty common these days, so DynaBlogger is hosted in infrastructure that can absorb some of these attacks to prevent downtime.

Fast email support

If you have any questions, feedback or run into any issues, you can reach us at We will get back to you as quickly as possible.