Email to publish

It is possible to publish a new post by simply sending an email to DynaBlogger. For this, each blog is assigned a unique email address that you can find on the posts list, and only users authorized to access the blog can publish via email.

The expected format is Markdown, a very simple and easy to learn markup language.

For best results we recommend that you compose your emails as plain text, to avoid formatting issues when writing an email as HTML. This also ensures that the posts published via email can also be edited with the in-app editor.


Image attachments are supported. To attach an image, you need two steps:

  1. Attach the image (preferably at the end of the email or as a regular attachment instead of inline embed, as some email clients might add some description to where the image was dragged)
  2. Add the code `![](filename.extension)` wherever in the post you want the image to appear. You just need to specify the same filename as that of the file you attached (case insensitive match).

Code blocks

Code blocks are also supported. You just need to surround each code block with three backticks before and after the snippet:

import { Controller } from "stimulus"
import AttachmentUpload from "../classes/attachment_upload"
export default class extends Controller {
  static targets = ["draftTextarea"]
  connect() {
    this.content = this.draftTextareaTarget.value

The programming language next to the backticks is optional.