Each blog on DynaBlogger is assigned a subdomain of the domain that you can choose when you create the blog. You can choose almost any subdomain (some are reserved) subject to availability. By default, your blog will be reachable at this address.

Custom domains

You can optionally configure custom domains. This makes it possible for you to ensure that your blog is reachable at a domain of your choice instead of the subdomain, which is recommended for branding and identity. 

For each custom domain we issue a TLS/SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt. Before that, we verify that the domain is already configured to point to our servers. This process can take anywhere from a minute to a few hours depending on whether you have configured the DNS of the domain before adding it to your blog, due to DNS propagation.

You can configure multiple domains (for example with and without www) and choose a primary domain. Any visits that reach your blog with secondary domains will be redirected to the primary domain automatically. Redirection is done with a 301 code, so to instruct search engines that the primary domain is the canonical domain, which avoids duplicate content issues that may affect your blog's SEO performance.