DynaBlogger allows you to invite other people to collaborate on your blog. 

The invited user will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. Once the invitee accepts and becomes a contributor, you (the owner of the blog) can configure several permissions for the new member that allow you to keep under control what they can do.

By default a contributor can only edit their own content and cannot do anything else.

You can however configure permissions to selectively allow or forbid the management of the following:

  • all content: if you give this permissions, the contributor will be able to edit articles written by others as well as their own
  • blog settings: allows the contributor to edit most settings for a blog. However, only the owner of the blog can delete it
  • themes: allows the contributor to create and manage themes
  • domains: allows the contributor to change the subdomain and manage custom domains
  • menus: allows the contributor to manage the menus that make the navigation around the website possible
  • users: allows the contributor to invite other people to collaborate on the blog. However only the owner can remove users.