Hi! I'm Vito, a software engineer based in Espoo, Finland. I've been blogging since 2010 on coding and other technical topics (my blog - powered by DynaBlogger, of course! - can be found at https://vitobotta.com/), and over the years I have used many publishing tools from complicated content management systems that do too much, to static site generators. I have been switching from a tool to another several times because I was never happy for a reason or another and didn't have the time to build something myself. As a result, I haven't been writing as much as I would like.

With popular content management systems it wasn't always easy to keep my website speedy and secure. Some publishing tools allow adding many types of functionality through plugins, which is great until your website becomes slow like a sloth, or gets hacked. In fact, most plugins are poorly coded and often introduce performance issues or make your website more vulnerable to attacks. Sure, caching and security-focused plugins can help, but then you are adding plugins to fix issues introduced by other plugins. It becomes a mess.

There are other options for content management systems, but they exaggerate in the opposite direction by being too bare-bones. I just want a fast and secure website, and I don't even need all of the features that a heavyweight CMS has to offer but I still want something more than the very minimum. It turns out that many people share the same needs and prefer something in between these two extremes.

Then there are static site generators; they are awesome to build websites that are very fast and inherently secure because there is no authentication to hack, nor data to steal. But this comes at the expense of maintainability and ease of use. You need to be familiar with coding, so these tools aren't as accessible to most people as a content management system.

Eventually I decided to invest some time in building DynaBlogger out of my own need; I figured other people might like it too and and I am now working on it full time. I aimed for an easy to use, purpose-driven tool that everyone could use. Although I am a developer, I wanted to be able to just write content and publish easily without having to worry about performance or security. So I have been working on this for a few months now and couldn't be happier with the results.

DynaBlogger makes it super easy to create websites that are as fast as static ones while using a simple, uncluttered interface. No plugins on purpose, in order to reduce security concerns; the features that most people really need are baked in and the product is constantly evolving while keeping its focus on a simple, great blogging experience.

If you are looking to start a personal blog or one for your business, and would like a a simple, focused publishing tool to share knowledge, give DynaBlogger a try. Start writing today!

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